Why business cards are still important

The death of the business card has been greatly exaggerated

And whilst their death has been mentioned several times a year since we started they have no signs of disappearing anytime soon

The Death of the business card could be the longest overnight death story ever written

In this weeks blog I wanted to talk you though a few of the arguments people use when they say business cards are dead

1. "You can just connect on Social Media"

Sure you can follow someone on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and it's handy if you're having a 121 meeting

But what happens in a networking meeting

You've chatted to 5 people, the event organiser has done the "LinkedIn Find Nearby" trick which happens at most networking events and then the event ends. Urgent client work takes over and 4 hours later you can't quite remember who you chatted to and which of your 30 connections just came through LinkedIn Nearby

The business card as always is the memory jog you need

2. "If a conversation is memorable you'll remember the name"

I really really want to lie and say I remember every single persons name I've met in business, but I can't

I might be able to picture what they look like, what they do and the conversation we had but sometimes the name slips my mind

If I'm at an event with someone else I can call them and ask "Can you remember the IT guy / Accountant / Solicitor etc" and they'll be able to tell me who, but sometimes they haven't met them

Isn't it just easier with a business card - Name, Number, Email Address, Social Media links and tagline to tell you what they do

It evokes all of the above - the conversation nearly word for word and everything is at hand

Business Cards are
* Expected
* Reinforce Your Brand
* Make It Easy For People To Contact You
* Sell for you when you're not in the room
* Highlight your USP (Unique Selling Point) or POD (Point Of Difference)
* Can be passed on easily (referrals)
* Offer extremely low cost / high value marketing

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