So why should you hire a graphic designer?
After all there are apps that can "make design child's play" so do you actually need to hire a Graphic Designer at all
Our answer to that question is very simple - think of someone in your industry with no experience and access to app or google and you'll immediately know the difference between an amateur (them) and a professional (you)
Below we highlight the 5 Reasons You Should Hire A Graphic Designer
1. You Want To Make The Best Possible 1st Impression
Surrounding you every day there are examples of great design work and on the flipside absolutely shocking design work
That 1st impression from a logo, a poster, packaging, a website, a business card often sticks with you
It can be the difference between you deciding to spend with a business or an individual or not
When you understand that everybody is making the same judgements about your business and that you could actually repelling customers with your branding and design work then you realise that great design makes the best possible 1st
2. You Want Your Marketing To Look Professional
There are rare times when bad design serves a purpose
If you saw the recent Conservative Party social media graphics using Comic Sans font you'd understand that the design was intentionally bad to gain social media virality and to spread a message
But what happens when the graphics are not intentionally bad and they've simply been put together with clipart and Microsoft Work like its 1997?
The design work is the 1st stage of marketing and when we work with a business we realise that the design work needs to have professional edge to it as the marketing distribution means that the work will often be seen by thousands
You should work with a graphic designer that represents the professionalism of your work
3. You Want To Turn An Idea Into Reality
At least 50% of businesses we work with have a idea of how they want the design to look
They might not have it 100% specific, but they have an idea in their head that they want to turn into reality
It's then our job as a graphic designer to turn that initial idea into a reality that surpasses everything they've imagined
We call this the wow factor where once they get their final design they share it like a proud parent over Whatsapp and Messenger to their nearest and dearest
To us that is the greatest recommendation - that they're proud to show off our work in an instant to those people they care about
4. You Have Something To Promote
If you don't promote something - you demote it
If you don't design for it - you deny it
OK, the last one didn't exactly work and that's why I'm a designer, not a copywriter
But most businesses come to us because they have something to promote
Something old, something new, something seasonal, something everlasting
And great design sells. It really does. People buy visually
5. You Want To Build A Long Term Business
The best businesses understand that design is not a one off
And that great design plays a part in building a strong business
What is important to you?
What are the 12 customer touch points you want people to have with your business this year?
How can design make you generate more sales and grow your business?
How can design make your business stand out in a noisy world?
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