10 Reasons You Should Work With Altrincham Design Studio
With so many design companies out there, how do you choose the right one for your business
Sure you can go on gut instinct
You night opt for your mate who says they "do a bit of design on the side" (don't)
You might think cost is a priority and go for the cheapest (don't, seriously don't)
You might go for the one with the nicest offices (again, don't)
There are many variables, so in our latest blog we look at 10 Reasons You Should Work With Altrincham Design Studio
1. 20 Years Design Experience
I did my 1st professional design way back in 1999
That was before I was known as Altrincham Design Studio and have a career going back years working for various companies
And I did my latest design just this week
Experience counts in the design world and time and time again I've delivered work that clients have been blown away and has over delivered on the design brief
That said - despite 20 years of design experience, I'm still excited about our work and the cynicism hasn't kicked in
I love design
2. No Big Agency Costs
When you buy from Altrincham Design Studio you're paying for 3 things - the design, the ideas and the experience
As the name suggests we're based in Altrincham, South Manchester and we work from a home based office
You're paying for what's important to you
What you're not paying for is a "Google" style office in the middle of the Northern Quarter with a pool table, slide, office dog and beers / pizza every Friday afternoon
As much as I love beer / pizza / pool / dogs - let us pay for our fun and extra's whilst you pay for what you asked for
3. The Work Is Done In-House
When you buy Altrincham Design Studio you get Mark at Altrincham Design Studio and the 20 years experience
All the work is done in-house and you don't get UK Design Prices whilst the work outsourced to india for £5 a job
We take pride in the fact that each piece of work is designed and approved by us, the person you chatted to on the phone is doing the design and you know who you're working with
4. We Talk In Your Language
K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid
We want you to understand exactly what we're doing, as in your own business you operate jargon free to your clients
If you have any questions about the work we answer without going around the houses and appreciate your time is limited
We could talk about concepts and techie things that would bore you or go over your head, but isn't it easier when everyone is on the same page
5. We Design With Purpose
We recently published the blog 10 Ways Design Can Make Your Business More Money
We want to understand your why, the objectives for your design and what you hope to achieve after the work is done
We understand that design is more than just about looking pretty and its part in the customer journey / buying process
When we design we ask the question "Well, what will this do and how will it help you"
6. We Value Relationships
The majority of our clients work with us more than once
We value the relationship and like to work with businesses time and time again to help grow their business
Often this might start off with a business logo and branding or a one off piece of work, but then we look at how we can create more customer touch points so that customers spend more money with your business
We understand that design is not just a one off activity and that working long term with clients we can help you achieve more in business
Let's work together long term
7. We'll Promote Your Business On Our Social Media
You'll see on our website we have the following statement
"Design has never been more important than it has been today. In the ever connected world, design for businesses is not only seem daily via Traditional Advertising such as posters, flyers and newspaper adverts, but also on our
screens, phones and tablets via Social Media and apps"
When you work with us you get to tap into our audience of 4000+ local social media followers who we shout about for you
Those 4000+ followers are local businesses and residents who are your potential customers
8. We Have A Pretty Big Black Book
Because I've personally lived in Altrincham all my life and have worked with a large number of businesses in the area I have a pretty big black book
If you want an introduction to a certain business type / sector chances are I've either worked with them or know them well from the local business network
We'll save you time researching, googling and looking for local suppliers as an extra added bonus of working with us
9. Proven Success Stories
Through our design and delivery services we have proven success stories we can show off to you
Examples where we've added genuine value to customers and customers who are happy to vouch for the quality of our work
In a world as competitive as graphic design you don't survive for long if you can't pay the bills
That we're still around all these years later and shows we're delivering time and time again for clients
10. We can help you once the design has been completed
So you've designed leaflets, had 10,000 of them printed and then what?
At this point most designers have sat down and said job done
At Altrincham Design Studio we offer a solus leaflet delivery service which ensures there's a plan in place to actually deliver the leaflets
There's no point in paying for the design and print of your leaflets if they're doing to sit in a box in your office
With Altrincham Design Studio you get the full package - design through to delivery