10 Ways Design Can Make Your Business More Money

At Altrincham Design Studio we understand that you're running a business as a commercial operation and want to invest your money where it makes an impact on profit
That's why when you work with us we work with that in mind
How can the designs win you more customers?
How can the designs contribute more to your profit margins?
Here are 10 Ways Design Can Make Your Business More Money
Your logo underpins everything you do in business
It's the design equivalent of your personal Facebook or LinkedIn profile photos
Within seconds of seeing your logo, prospective customers have a perception of your business
That's before they've read your about section, reviews or clicked on your website
Therefore a logo can be a revenue magnet or a revenue repellent
A strong logo is statement
When we talk to businesses we often like to build long term relationships with them rather than just one off jobs
We like to plot out what we can achieve over the next 12 months in terms of generating them more revenue
And this process works for B2C and B2B business
What are the 12 touch points over the next year that posters will help market?
Is it seasonal marketing promotions?
Do you have a monthly business event?
What different areas of your business can you talk about?
Write down 12 different aspects of your business or 12 different events you could push right now - it's easier than you think
Thanks For Your Business
It's only 4 words, but those are 4 words with a lasting impact
If you're sending goods or documents through the post then a branded compliment slips can make people think that little more about your business
Alternatively - why not go for something a little bit more quirky or personal to your brand than "Thank For Your Business"
Reviews are massively important
- Everyone looks at Amazon reviews before buying
- Everyone looks at TripAdvisor / google reviews when going on holiday
- You wouldn't buy from a professional services company that had negative reviews on Google / Facebook etc
I'm pretty sure you'd be devastated if someone had left a review online that didn't give you chance in real life to correct
I'm also pretty sure you'd start to think about the amount of people who've said amazing things about your business to your face and have never considered leaving a review
With a well-designed  review card you can start smashing it on the 5 star reviews as you give a card out to everyone you wow!
And great reviews mean more business
"My mum / dad / in laws / best friend would love this place"
"I'm going to treat my other half to XXX for their birthday"
Gift Vouchers are a guaranteed way to get more business and you want a design that zings and pops and says "wow" the moment that special someone opens up their present
The gift card / voucher market in the UK is estimated to be worth over £6bn per year
Wouldn't you rather people spend money on gift vouchers at your business rather than on Amazon?
I always laugh when people say "Isn't print dead?"
A lot of businesses come to us for our leaflet delivery service and the most popular bookings are either 5000 leaflets or 10,000 leaflets
Delivered solus leafleting is a cost effective way to win more business and design plays a pivotal part in this
A quote from someone who we worked with said recently "I only need 3 new customers to come from this to pay for the cost of delivery"
Are you making an investment?
A Boards - love them or hate them they're good for business
As a consumer I love A Boards as they make the right decisions of which bars and restaurants to visit
And often they're spontaneous decisions to visit or try someone new
A Boards attract the casual consumer who might visit your business for the very 1st time and become a loyal customer thereafter
Market where people's attention is
Table toppers are often used to great effect in the national restaurant chains, but less so in independents
They don't need to be huge or obtrusive, but it's a simple way to increase revenue or repeat visits
Whether it's 241 cocktails or it's an "Over 60's Special Offer On Mondays" think about what you could highlight in your bar, restaurant or cafe
"Oh, I didn't know you did that so I went elsewhere"
How frustrating is it when you hear that?
A well designed price list showing everything you do can be a massive advantage
Let's say you're a ...
- sandwich shop that also offers outside catering
- a hairdressers that also offers threading
- A graphic design that also offers leaflet delivery
Show people the range of what you offer
Everything we've talked about in this article has been external communications
Don't forget the internal communications that help keep the standards high and reminds staff of the companies mission
Imagine if a poster reminded staff of key hygiene factors than resulted in a 5 star hygiene rating
Imagine if a poster reminded staff of the 5 key components of customer service that lead to 5 star reviews
Imagine if a poster reminded all staff to upsell without being obvious and profits increased by 25%