Little Red Pizza Co: Using Design to Take A Side Hustle To A Full Time Business
Everybody knows Jonny Hewitt. The face of Red House Farm, Director of Fun & Chaos and fit farmer for 18 years
The outpouring of love which came when Red House Farm announced it's impending closure shows what a big part of people's life the farm had been to generations of families
Small businesses aren't just businesses, they're parts of people's life and memories
Now with a month to go Jonny is looking forward to a future away from the farm and that's where Little Red Pizza Co comes in
It's a Mobile Wood Fired Pizza oven based in Altrincham that can be hired for birthday parties, corporate events, celebrations, events big or small!
For the past year Little Red Pizza Co has been a side hustle ran alongside the farm with customers coming in via word of mouth, a strong network and the community build around the farm
They've been booked for events at Dunham Massey, Bowdon Cricket and Hockey Club and the Cresta Court as well as private hire's such as christenings, 21st's, family gatherings and more
Jonny stated the reason her he chose Altrincham Design Studio was
"I chose Mark as I have admired a lot of his work and have used him for pieces of work before. He understands me and my requirements and whilst presenting me with different ideas realised I don’t need to be bombarded with a too manychoices"
And he approached ourselves with a simple brief
"I needed a simple clean logo which People would recognise - A wood fired pizza oven feel, as that is what we are"
As the old saying goes K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) and that's what we aimed to deliver
This was how we came up with the final logo
"We believe in keeping the process simple and speaking in the client's language
When you think of the best logos in the world - they are simple and have space for the design to breathe
I was asked to design a brief which showed a pizza and oven plus the colour scheme wanted, black/grey/red
I came up with 6 initial ideas and Jonny chose the one below


The idea is simple ... basically showing what the business does, making pizzas in an oven
And when an idea is simple it communicates the message instantly"
The logo will get extensive usage appearing obviously on the website / Twitter / Facebook and Instagram feeds, but also business cards and across traditional marketing
For more info on Little Red Pizza Co follow them on Facebook here
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