Which types of businesses is Leaflet distribution suitable for?
We often get asked which types of businesses is leaflet distribution suitable for
A rule of thumb to find out if leafleting is for you business is to ask the following question
"Does it pass the family test?"
What we mean by that is if you take the average family of mum, dad, brother, sister, child, grandma or granddad will it appeal to one of those people or will one of those people need your services
If it's a fairly mainstream offering then it's a safe bet that it will
And if it appeals to someone they know they're likely to tell other members of the family (and friends) about it
At Altrincham Design Studio we've delivered hundred of thousands of leaflets in the Greater Altrincham Area (Altrincham / Timperley / Hale / Bowdon / Broadheath / Oldfield Brow)
Here are 14 types of businesses that leafleting is suitable for
Most towns are positioning themselves as Foodie Towns as shops move online and people want shared experiences together
Whether it's a new restaurant, cafe or takeaway looking to let people know they've opened or an established business with a new menu looking to remind customers leafleting is a perfect way to let people know
Strong visuals which tantalise the senses and an time limited opening offer / discount voucher is a great way to track the success of the campaign
What does your bar or pub offer than people don't know about?
A quiz night, live music, DJ's, happy hours, board game night, lunchtime offers
A report earlier this year said that people spend £69 on average on a UK night out with this broken down as the following for food and drink
£19.25 - drinks
£16.20 - food
If people find somewhere they'll love they'll come back time and time again
Over the past few years we've delivered leaflets in Altrincham for the Manchester Marathon, Goose Green Festival, Tour Of Britain plus seasonal events for Easter and Halloween
These events have been the busiest events in our home town for decades and we're happy that leafleting has played a huge part in these events success
Events create a buzz across the town and get people talking and whilst in can be a huge event where 10,000 leaflets are delivered, a smaller scale event might need just 2500 leaflets delivered in the immediate area of the venue
Do you have a function room or space that isn't used to it's full capacity?
Remember what we said about the family test above
Could you generate limitless business from 21st / 30th / 40th / 50th / 60th birthdays and weddings and christenings?
When one booking alone can generate thousands of pounds worth of revenue, plus more bookings off the back of that event, do you not think that leafleting would be a worthwhile investment?
Is there room for more people joining gyms?
Back in 2017 it was announced that there are roughly 6700 thousand health & fitness clubs in the United Kingdom with approximately 9.7 million members
It means 1 in every 7 people in the UK is a member of a gym
Which means that for any gym, fitness and health business there are 6 in every 7 people that aren't currently members of a gym
What message could you send out to the masses to encourage people to be healthier and more active?
What is the one thing you can't do on the internet?
Getting your haircut or a makeover / tan
The Telegraph reports this year that "The selfie culture has helped the growth of beauty product sales to such an extent that the industry is now worth £30 billion to the UK economy, outstripping more traditional sectors."
And this is an area where the high street is booming in
With so much choice though - do you need to remind people that your business is the one they should choose over the competition?
Plumbers, Electricians, Window Companies, Painter & Decorators, Joiners, Landscape Gardeners, Cleaners and so much more
Those people that every household will need at one stage in their life
And as you do when you get a leaflet if there's not an immediate need for the service you put it on the board or your cupboard of useful contacts and when needed you get in touch
For tradesmen and house & home businesses leafleting often offers immediate return and long term sales
Nurseries, Play Centres, Children’s Entertainers, Kids Cafes
Anything you can take from one leaflet to one parent to the school gate / mummy network is absolutely key
If you're 100% proud of your business and you know that what you offer is amongst the very best in it's sector then you should shout about it
1 customer with 1 leaflet can turn into a raving fan of 20+ mums and children with ease once you've wowed them
When you hear about companies going viral in a local area - it's often a leaflet that kick-started it all online
"There are currently more than 11.9 million people aged 65 and over in the UK, with 3.2 million aged 80 and over and 1.6 million aged 85 and over" Ageing Better
And this ageing population often wants to stay at home rather than go to a care home
It places a stress on what is dubbed the sandwich generation that is looking after ageing parents and young children around their work
Even a couple of hours of care a week can really help out a family live a more balanced life
Is your company the one they choose?