5 Things That Significantly Increase The Success Of Your Leaflet Campaign
At Altrincham Design Studio we want your businesses to be as successful as possible
When we're designing and delivering your flyers / leaflets we know that if you include certain things, it significantly increases the chances of the campaign being successful
In our latest blog we look at 5 Things That Significantly Increase The Success Of Your Leaflet Campaign
Less Info
Less is definitely more when it comes to your marketing message and well-designed marketing literature
What is the one message you want to convey with your leaflet?
Ask yourself that question and stick to that one strong message rather than trying to convert a 10 page website to a double sided A5 leaflet
If you present too much information on leaflet, not only will you turn people off reading, it will make for a cluttered design which doesn't represent your business in the best possible light
If the message is strong people can always go to your website for more information
Offer / Discount
With leaflets a time sensitive discount or offer can significantly increase your chances of success
"20% off your meal before the end of October"
"£10 off your first haircut with us"
"Free coffee with every slice of cake bought on Mondays if you show us this leaflet"
A compelling proposition creates a sense of urgency and a desire to buy now rather than it being left on the table to be used at "some point" in the future
Research shows that if you can get a customer to buy from you 3x then they are more than likely to turn into a customer for life
After one purchase, a customer has a 27% chance of returning to your business. Get a customer to make a third purchase they have a 54% chance of making another purchase.
3 strong leaflet campaigns delivered over a 3-6 month period are a great way to build a business
Strong Images
Think about the last time you took a selfie - you probably didn't post the 1st one you took. In fact you painstakingly went through 4-6 photos picking the very best one
When it comes to your business, you need to pick the very best images to represent your business in the best possible light
Show off what you do and the impact / change you make
Make it look beautiful
Make it look picture perfect
Make it authentically yours
Copywriting matters on your leaflets - but as the saying goes "A picture paints a thousand words"
Testimonials / Reviews / Awards
People like to buy with confidence and other people saying great things about you really makes potential customers feel at ease
Think of the last advert your saw for an album release or cinema release - reviews and ratings were all over them
Whether it's customer reviews or testimonials, professional accreditation or awards you've won it helps aid the sales process
As we said before "less Is more" and you don't need to squeeze every single review or award you've won on a leaflet as a it looks cluttered, but release your inner editor and pick your highlights which back up the message your trying
to convey on this specific leaflet
Contact Details
Make it easy for people to get in touch with you
Website Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Social Media Icons
Think of the demographics of your audience and what contact details are most relevant to that audience and put those details 1st
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