The Benefits Of Strategic Marketing Partnerships and Flyer Delivery
Recently through the door, we received an A5 flyer through the door with at least 8 - 10 businesses advertising their business offerings. What struck me about this was how
cluttered it looked, and what each business was pushing or trying to sell didn't really stand out
But it got us thinking, instead of 4 or 5 businesses on each side of the flyer, how about just one business for each side?
Businesses that complement each and are a natural fit with each other
For instance a restaurant (take this week for example) promoting mothers day, could advertise it's mothers day specials, whilst on the other side there could be a gift
boutique or a nail salon business or possibly a taxi service advertising their services.
Strategic Marketing Partnerships are partnerships that work as you can amplify the message for both business and tap into each businesses customer base
Your network is their network and your business builds as theirs does.
That's the key takeaway from Strategic Marketing Partnerships - it's a win win
Although I've delivered many leaflets for a client which has had info on both side of an A5 flyer, but this doesn't have to be the way for others
As long as you're getting the main points of your business across to the client you can keep your information on a single sided flyer / leaflet
Think about the cost savings to yourself if you go in with another business, it will be cut in half, and that's a great benefit especially if you have 10,000 leaflets to be
printed and delivered.
* Which local businesses do you have a natural synergy with?
* Which Strategic Business Partnerships could you develop?
* How much further could your print marketing budget go if you went in together on double sided flyers?
* How many more flyers could you get printed with a strategic business partnership?
* What is the extra ROI from the extra print marketing from strategic business partnerships?
So if you know a business which complements yours please get in touch for design, print and delivery of your leaflets - it's a smart way to increase your marketing impact!
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