White Van Man or Branded Van Man - The Answer Is Simple
What does your van say about your business?
Are you a business such as a builder, joiner, electrician, painter & decorator or a plasterer that has a van with no branding on it?
Or is it the biggest moving business card you could have for your business?
As a tradesman your business van is the biggest marketing platform you could possibly have and yet so often it's a marketing channel that is under utilised
Next time you walk outside your house take note of how many branded vans you see in your local area - I can guarantee you'll pass a branded van within 500 metres or 5 minutes walk from your front door every single day
Having your business name, logo and profession along with an email, website and of course phone no, tells the unsuspecting public who you are.
Simply think about it, the number of people who pass in the car, or are walking past who currently need a builder, a window company, a plumber or a painter & decorator for their house.
Having a design that sells what you do and your name would help a great deal, especially an eye catching one.
Here are 4 Reasons You Should Brand Your Van Up
1. It's Shouts Professional, Longevity And Experience
How many competitors have you seen set up and disappear in all the years you've been in business?
How many of those have competed on price - that they can do it cheaper than any one else in town?
How many of them are still in business?
There's a huge difference between Joe Bloggs doing a few foreigners and yourselves who've been in business for years and has a strong reputation
How you present yourself with a branded van and your work uniform makes the right 1st impression - its suggests you're professional, experienced and here for the long term
2. It closes the branding loop
You've spend £££s on a business card, a website, adverts in the local newspaper and flyer distribution through doors
And then you have a blank van which could be backing up all of the above if it was branded up
We'd advise businesses to brand up their van and then deliver flyers in the local area whilst you are doing a job
The impact of doing both at the same time is huge - it's the subliminal drip drip drip effect
3. Word Of Mouth Is Amplified
Neighbours don't speak every day. Seriously they don't. Compare how often you speak to your neighbours vs how much your parents spoke to their neighbours
But give them a chance, a focal point, a conversation starter and they conversation will flow
That's where word of mouth amplifies
And your branded van is the start of that "Oh noticed you has ABC Builders in last week - we've been thinking of getting them in - how did you find them" conversation
And of course - the feedback is all good
4. It Sells When You're Not Working
A branded van sells when you're on the way to a job
A branded van sells when you're having a brew
A branded van sells when the lads are going to grab lunch
A branded van sells when you're on the way home
A branded van sells when you're watching TV at home
A branded van sells when you're sleeping
I think you know by now a branded van sells stuff
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