January - A month I usually associate with darker days and inclement weather. Certainly not a month you want to be out in, especially delivering leaflets to hundreds or thousands of houses.
Picture the scene - it's damp and dark and you're walking up a pathway or drive way, it's full of leaves - the chances you will take a fall are quite high aren't they? These are the sort of pictures you paint to avoid marketing your business and there is of course that old chesnut 'I'll do it tomorrow, when the weather looks like it will get better
You've an idea of a New Year promotion - You could be a pub or a restaurant offering 20% off your food bill when you come into the restaurant with this flyer or a Builder or a Painter & Decorator offering their services for those little Jobs you never got around too, Or even better a fitness business.
Hit them early, target them early - that is key to getting your message across!
I mean why wait until March when the weather gets slightly warmer so you can go out at last when you have actually missed out on 2 and a half months of potential new clients.
Of course though if you want to get that all important message out to your prospective audience in the way of flyers what other way is there to do it? This is where we come in.
In  the past one of our clients we have worked with was a fitness businesses targeting potential new customers who need / want to lose weight in early in the summer ready for that good beach body. What was the result, a big increase
in Gym membership and a happy business.
So if you have an offer or promotion or a stack of flyers you need to get out there, don't hold back or put it off. We can deliver even in December and of course January.
For a leaflet drop in Altrincham, Timperley or Hale get in contact with or T, 07825 17406