Back in 2012 I was asked if I would like to get involved in the Spooky Woo Event in Altrincham.
My brief was to design a bold Halloween themed Poster for the event that appealed to both Children and Parents. Back in 2012 our poster was used on twitter and various facebook pages to advertise the event. The Event (which was held at the Upper Altrincham Market) was a great success that ultimately outgrew their original location
Impressed with the results the following year my poster was used again albeit a few detail changes, unfortunately due to the logistics of the premises the event never took place.
Undeterred the Altrincham ACT team were confident of making the event a huge success again and that's where we find ourselves
With confirmation the event was going to take place I was asked to make little changes to the posters i.e. the date which fell on the Friday of the school holidays. The design was going to be used online, as an A4 and A3 poster in  local shops, and also was adapted to be used as a large banner and a car magnet. We developed each of the various designs to appeal to their purpose with the idea that all these different marketing channels would break through the noise and reach their target audience
The event wasn't covered by the local press, which still has a say in the current world as there are people still don't use Twitter or Facebook.
With this in mind I was asked to distribute 10,000 flyers (Altrincham Act used local printer Trevor Holt who works with ourselves and a lot of community events in the Area), specifically the outer Altrincham areas and Timperley - areas where families live who still see Altrincham as their nearest major town centre.
The flyers would play a major part of the event as it reached an audience of people that don't work in Altrincham and hence weren't seeing the posters in the shops. People might have been on Facebook and twitter and seen the event once or twice being tweeted or retweeted, but there is something hard hitting about physical marketing - an informative bold flyer can be the reminder people need to take action and attend an event.
By Friday evening nearly 2500 had passed through the doors of the old New Look building in the Stamford Quarter. I had gone down in the day and saw the masses of excited children walking around in their Halloween costumes.
On Twitter and Facebook there was people saying how they have never see a busier George Street in a long time.  I for one was extremely pleased at how well the flyers had  reached out to people in surrounding areas and how it had driven footfall into the town centre
When I was designing the poster I thought of a Child friendly design that would stand out and be straight to the point for parents as to what the event was about.
And thanks to the people at Altrincham Community Team - even in 2014 they had the foresight to still use Flyers to grab people into the Event.
Now think what the turnout could be for your event?
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