Have you ever gone to a charity event on the basis of what the poster looked like? Probably not, because you're either going to support the event because it is close to your heart or as support for friends.

Charity events can range from a coffee morning at church, a social even through to putting on several bands for thousands at a large gig. The poster and the advertising of the event no matter how small is crucial in every way. Even though many will know the charity you are fundraising for, the design and marketing sell your specific event itself and with many charity events each week you need to stand out

Many events posters I have seen are of a poor quality in design with many Just using text in Microsoft Word and using clip-art images of the Internet.

Your poster for any sized event should be as good quality as you can get - the colour and the size are important, but more importantly what you are trying to get across to the general public should stand out.  

In a world where you are competing for people's attention - a charity event is not just competing against other charity events, but also leisure businesses or simply a night at home

I recently designed a poster for the 33 Committee based at the Conservative Club in Timperley

The 33 club is a charity which helps projects in the community such as raising money for children's football teams, the pensioners Christmas fund and much more.

The day itself was warm and sunny, which obviously had a good baring on the amount of people that turned up, but so did getting a poster out to hundreds and thousands of people on twitter and Facebook.


  • A charity event would get considerable more people attending the event if a poster advertising the event was put up in the venue itself, the local paper and of course now social media sites.
  • As with all events which a date has been set in stone getting the word out to the masses early as possible is a good start. Don't wait for the last week to advertise the event you are putting on.
  • In general posters translate better than just text, like many adverts I've seen in the local press an image and colour is extremely vital 
  • And Marketing your event well means much more money is raised for Charity.

As with all marketing getting the idea in people's heads is important, people (particularly those with families) need to put the dates in their busy diaries. So with this in mind Printed Marketing generally needs to be pushed 4-6 weeks in advance, but posters on Social Media sites can spread the word over night.

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