Are you showing the Match 

The World Cup has finally finished and I was wondering how many people had been to the local bars and pubs of altrincham to watch the games? Or did you stay at home because you didn't know they were showing it?

If you did go and watch a world cup game in the pub what made you go? Was it your local and you're one of the regulars of the pub? Did you go on the invite of friends who told you they were going to that particular pub? Or did the pub you choose have posters advertising the World Cup matches?

The only two bars I noticed in altrincham that were advertising they were showing the football were chain pubs i.e. Slug & Lettuce and Weatherspoons. Posters and Literature most obviously sent from head office to put up all over the pub advertising the games.

But I hardly noticed if at all the independant pubs did not show any advertising literature anywhere. This saddened me as this is key to bringing in customers old or new, nothing great as seeing pubs chocka with people watching the games. It's not rocket science.

Testing the water

Before the World Cup I arranged a Sticker Swap at the slug and Lettuce in Altrincham and through my poster and by the power  of my poster plus adveritising on social media I managed to get the venue a good turnout.

Advertising your services to anyone who haven't been to your pub before is a no brainer. Put posters up on your windows as well as your notice board outside. Tweet or facebook your posters to your audience as well. 

As a football fan myself When I go into a pub I notice things  like a poster on the wall in the bar or like most in the toilets above the Urinal.

Posters advertising whats on in your Pub will get into peoples heads and would start planning dates with their mates. Hence the tills ringing with loads of money.

A combined design and print, advertising a 'whats on' guide throughout your pub is probably no more than £75 - for some an hours takings.

If you would like a poster designed for your Bar or Restaurant please get in contact with us - 07825 417406